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The Reproductive Freedom for All petition is the best – and possibly the ONLY – chance we have to protect our medical privacy in Michigan. 


That's why Emily Stivers personally collected more than 500 signatures on the petition on behalf of Planned Parenthood, and why she will be out working to get out the vote when reproductive rights are on the November ballot.


Emily Stivers believes abortion is healthcare, and will never stop fighting for our right to choose.  



Emily Stivers earned the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction, and will NEVER give up on smart gun safety laws and community-led initiatives to reduce gun violence. Her kids' lives depend on it.

That's why Emily Stivers believes we should make it at least as hard to own a gun as it is to own and drive a car. And those who break the laws should be held accountable.

Emily Stivers wants to combine strong safe storage laws, an assault weapons ban and other common sense gun violence prevention legislation with community education programs, as Ingham County is doing right now with the Advance Peace initiative. Emily Stivers has been a proponent of this program to get to the roots of urban gun violence, educate the public, and help parents keep guns out of their kids' hands. 

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Go Green!

As a mom, Emily Stivers supports smart investments in the trails and parks our families enjoy. That means more amenities and better access, as well as combatting invasive species and making sure residents can swim safely in our beautiful lakes. Emily is a leader on the Ingham County Parks and Recreation Commission, evaluating projects and helping secure millions of dollars in matching grant funding to make our county millage a success.

Emily also signed the Sunshine Pledge to never accept campaign donations from the fossil fuel industry. And she is committed to making Michigan the leader of the EV revolution, bringing good jobs and innovative, green technology to our state.

The environmental issue Emily Stivers is most excited to work on as a State Representative is septic system cleanup, replacement, and moving all of Michigan to revolving septic inspections instead of point-of-sale. The current system is polluting our groundwater and waterways, and homeowners often can't afford the huge price tags associated with replacing 20- and 30-year-old systems. Emily Stivers wants to use Federal Infrastructure funds to get low- and moderate-income property owners the assistance they need to replace their septic systems, install new drain fields and clean up any pollution, and we need to do the same on all our government properties that operate on well and septic. 

Upgrade Education

Parents can’t work if children aren’t learning. Emily Stivers served in the education field for six years, building middle and high school curriculum and helping schools implement it. She was present in Flint schools during their water crisis, and worked directly with students to help them build resilience and coping mechanisms in the face of unimaginable trauma.

Emily Stivers strongly support policies empowering children, parents, and teachers, including universal preschool, after-school care, parent-teacher relationship building, special needs accommodation, and mental health care access. Emily's own experiences with not having access to affordable childcare and raising a child with special needs in our public school system profoundly impact her perspective and prioritization of  education, childcare and mental healthcare.

Working with local school boards, Emily is developing new ideas for teacher recruitment and retention. All our high-quality educators absolutely deserve competitive wages, benefits and respect.

Emily Stivers is endorsed by the former superintendents of the four largest school districts in the new 75th House District, as well as all the endorsing members of the Okemos and Haslett school boards.

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Improve Infrastructure

American Rescue Plan and Infrastructure funding have made once-in-a-generation investments in Michigan’s crumbling roads and bridges possible. As chair of Ingham County Services, Emily Stivers helped make our region the leader in the state for spending our American Rescue Plan funds effectively, efficiently and equitably. She is dedicated to making sure every infrastructure dollar Michigan receives is spent wisely on our most critical road and bridge improvements, as well as flood reduction efforts, septic system cleanup help for homeowners, and reaching every door in Michigan with fast, reliable, affordable internet.


Mental Health Care for All

Our kids are not okay. And, frankly, a lot of adults need more support, too. Our public mental health system is hemorrhaging workers, and we need major reform and significant funding for the system to support overwhelmed social workers, psychologists, paraprofessionals and others in the mental health field.

Instead, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey wants to privatize all mental health care in Michigan. That would create a system in which insurance companies get to decide what is covered and whether to cover you, rejecting seriously ill and low-income patients.

As a Board Member, Board Secretary and Chair of Finance at the Community Mental Health Authority of Clinton, Eaton and Ingham Counties (CMHA-CEI), Emily Stivers is working on real solutions including lobbying efforts to make sure Shirkey won't have the votes for his privatization bills; preventive interventions in schools and youth centers; a Mobile Crisis Unit to respond to urgent calls; and progressive raises and recruitment and retention bonuses to encourage more workers to enter the mental health care field – and stay in it.

Perhaps most importantly, Emily Stivers has been a champion for a new Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) in our region, the first of its kind in Michigan. This emergency room for substance abuse and mental health crises will be an alternative to our overcrowded hospital ERs, and provide the service and care patients need.

Equity & Inclusion

Representation matters. As the first openly bisexual woman on the Ingham County Board of Commissioners, Emily Stivers has championed gender-neutral restrooms on County property and employment protections not just for County workers, but for any vendors doing business with the County. 

Black Lives Matter. Emily Stivers supports smart criminal justice reform including eliminating cash bail and decriminalizing substance abuse, and partnerships between health professionals and police departments – so that non-violent offenders aren't met with armed police officers, and substance abusers go to rehab instead of prison.

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Union Strong

Emily Stivers proudly has the endorsement of MILiUNA 499: The Michigan Laborers International Union of North America.

Emily Stivers introduced the resolution establishing a $15/hour minimum wage for County employees in 2021, and has supported Unions in all negotiations. She drives an American Electric Vehicle and stood with striking UAW workers despite having a six-month-old baby in tow. She stands with the United Six. And she helped pass Prevailing Wage requirements for all Ingham County contracts before Governor Whitmer made it law at the state level.


Emily's late grandmother, Angeline Passavant Nagy, was a member of the Butcher's Union, and they saved Angie's vision and job after an on-the-job accident threatened to render her blind.

That's why Emily Stivers is a firm supporter of Unions, and as a state representative, she will continue to be a champion for workers' rights.

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