Emily Stivers is the Best Choice for State Rep!

Just ask these respected community leaders and organizations:

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan (PPAM) has exclusively endorsed Emily Stivers for State Rep. They know she will never stop fighting for our rights to health care and privacy.  They stated:

"EMILY STIVERS has earned a Planned Parenthood endorsement by demonstrating a willingness to serve as a champion for sexual and reproductive health and for addressing the social determinants of health that intersect with and impact sexual and reproductive health outcomes, including but not limited to access to clean water; pollutant-free air and environments; the ability to earn a living wage; access to child care; access to quality education; access to health care regardless of age, race, or gender identity; voting rights; the impacts of racism; and equal protections for people of color across all social and economic systems, including health care and the criminal justice system.

"EMILY STIVERS is a sexual and reproductive health champion who is committed to sharing PPAM’s values and will support and actively work toward policies that attain true sexual and reproductive health freedom.

"To earn our endorsement, EMILY STIVERS also commits to intersectional work that addresses the social determinants of health, acknowledging and dismantling the racist structures that exist not only in health care but in myriad aspects of our lives."


Current & Former State Representatives

State Rep. Julie Brixie

Former State Rep. Lynn Jondahl

Former State Rep. Mark Meadows


Meridian Township

Supervisor Patricia Herring Jackson

Clerk Deborah Guthrie

Treasurer Phil Deschaine

Trustee Courtney Wisinski

Trustee Kathy Sundland

Trustee Scott Hendrickson

Fmr Police Officers Assoc. of MI Pres. Jon Wicks


City of East Lansing

Mayor Pro Tem Jessy Gregg

Former Mayor Diane Goddeeris

Former Mayor Liz Schweitzer

Former Mayor Mark Meadows

Former Clerk Marie Wicks


Williamstown Township

Supervisor Wanda Bloomquist

Former Clerk Carol Grainger


Bath Township

Supervisor Marie Howe

Trustee Joe Benzie

Planning Commission Chair Daniel Kramer

Road Commissioner Carl Seabold


Ingham County

Prosecutor Carol Siemon

Fmr. Treasurer Eric Schertzing

Comm. Irene Cahill (D-East Lansing)

Comm. Bob Peña (D- Lansing)

Comm. Mark Polsdofer (D-Okemos)

Comm. Chris Trubac (D-Holt)

Former Comm. Marc Thomas (D-East Lansing)

Clinton County

Commissioner Dwight Washington (D)

Retired Superintendents

East Lansing - Dave Chapin

Williamston - Narda Murphy

Haslett - Mike Duda

Okemos - Cathy Ash

School Board Members

Haslett Vice President Greg Bird

Haslett  Secretary Cammy Wheeler

Haslett Trustee Monica Del Castillo

Okemos President Mary Gebara

Okemos Treasurer Katie Cavanaugh

Okemos Secretary Jayme Taylor

Okemos Trustee Dean Bolton

Okemos Trustee Vincent Lyon-Callo


Community Mental Health Authority
of Clinton, Eaton & Ingham Counties Board

Board Chair Joe Brehler, Eaton County

Vice Chair Dr. Al Platt, Ingham County

Fmr. Nat'l. Assoc. of Social Workers Dir.  Dr. Maxine Thome

Timothy Hanna, Clinton County

Dr. Kay Randolph-Back, Eaton County

Paul Palmer, Ingham County


Ingham County Parks & Recreation Commission 

Chair Matthew Bennett

Vice Chair Cherry Hamrick

Secretary Stephanie Thomas

Commissioner Simar Pawar

Commissioner Steve James

Former Commissioner Mike Unsworth

Unions and Organizations

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan (PPAM)

Greater Lansing Building & Construction Trades Council

Laborers’ International Union of N. America (LiUNA) Local 499

Operating Engineers Local 324

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction

Equality Michigan 100% Pro Equality  Candidate

Michigan Democratic Party LGBT&A Caucus

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