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Vote Emily Stivers for Meridian Township Clerk

Unequaled Experience. Proven Leadership!

Democrat Emily Stivers is running for Meridian Township Clerk.

Emily Stivers is a former Ingham County Commissioner with 6 years of experience in local government and 22 years of experience in nonprofit and government policy, management, and public relations.  

This November election will likely face many unique challenges, so we need a capable, qualified public servant managing the Meridian Township Clerk's office, staff, and duties. With support from East Lansing Clerk Marie Wicks and others across Ingham County, Emily Stivers has the foundation and experience necessary to improve and defend our election integrity, manage the Clerk's office and staff, and expand voter registration, access, and participation in the difficult times to come.

Meridian Township Clerk Aug. 6th!

Emily Stivers

Seasoned Public Servant

With 22 years of management and supervisory experience and deep knowledge of local government and election functions, Emily Stivers' background is ideally matched for every aspect of the Clerk's role.

Emily Stivers Endorsements

Coming Soon!

Emily Stivers' campaign for Meridian Township Clerk has support from experienced East Lansing Clerk Marie Wicks and many others across Ingham County. Updates coming soon!

Emily Stivers Campaign Signs

Support the Campaign

Need a yard sign? Want to volunteer? Have some thoughts about Emily's campaign and how she can best serve Meridian Township as Clerk? Learn how you can get involved with our campaign here! 


Our campaign is fueled by the community and not by special interests! To make a donation, please address your check to:

Committee to Elect Emily Stivers

1100 Old Hickory Lane

East Lansing, MI 48823-2722

Emily Stivers Thoughtful Leader
Vote Emily Stivers for Meridian Township Clerk
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